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How dare we call it the least expensive exercise at $14,615 ?
You will be so surprised when you read the very logical calculations below that show you how the ROM360 has been the least expensive method of exercise since 1990 with the most results for health and fitness. All alternative methods of exercise are many times more expensive with fewer results for cardio, strength and flexibility. How can that possibly be true ?

Lets do the math and calculate the cost per use and give the cost of a person's time a value of $20 per hour. But first let us give you the good news that there are two companies that have made knock-offs of our ROM machine that sell these knock-offs for a lower price at around $9500 and $11500 respectively and on top of that they claim that their machines are much better than our original and then there is the best solution for a lower price in that there are a number of used ROM machines on eBay and CraigsList, so you can go to to learn about these cheaper knock-offs.  

1. Only 8% of people that own conventional exercise equipment use it. The other 92% of equipment become expensive clothe hangers. If the average person has purchased about $400 of exercise equipment (that is a low estimate) and only 8% are using the equipment then the total cost of exercise equipment for 100 people is $40,000 for only 8 users. That is an average cost of $5000 for each of 8 households that are using the exercise equipment. If that equipment is used by an average 50 year old couple over a period of 35 years then the two people will give their equipment 17,500 uses Then the average cost of equipment per use is $5000 divided by 17,500 uses which is $0.30 per use plus the cost of an average of 45 minutes of exercise time at $20.00 per hour is $15 for a total of $15.30 cost per use. But the most expensive part of conventional exercise equipment is that people will not be doing exercise and that their health will deteriorate and illness is many times more expensive.

2. Healthclub memberships are used by only 12% of the people that have a membership. The average visit to a health club is 90 minutes of time at the health club plus a 10 minute commute each way for another 20 minutes of commuting time. Say that a healthclub membership costs $30 per month and 12% of the members use that membership 20 days per month. For 100 memberships the cost is $3000 and 12 of those members will use the club 20 times per month. That is 240 uses. The average cost of the 240 visits cost $3000 divided by 240 visits plus minimum of 60 minutes of time and 20 minutes of commuting time and 20 minutes of operating an automobile. That adds up to $17.50 for 100x$30 membership fees divided by 240 visits is $12.50 plus 80 minutes at $20 per hour time cost is another $26.67 plus 20 minutes of operating an automibile for the 10 minute commute each way. and that costs at least half a gallon of gas alone or $1.50 Total for each healthclub visit $40.67 . But the most expensive part of health clubs is that most people will not be doing exercise and that their health will deteriorate and illness is many times more expensive than health. The only exerise that will do you any good is exercise you will actually do. Exactly 4 minutes per day exercise right in your own home is very doable because you only need 4 minutes of discipline and that little discipline most people can come up with.

3. The cost per use of a ROM360 is by far the lowest among all other methods of exercise because 87% of ROM owners use their ROM to full advantage compared to only 8% of owners of conventional exercise equipment. The cost of a ROM machine is $14,615 and if there are 100 ROMmachine owners, the total cost of equipment is $1,461,500 and that is the total equipment cost for 87 users. That is a cost of $16,800 of equipment that may be used by an average 50 year old couple for the next 35 years until the end of their lives at 85 years. Two people will give the equipment 17,500 uses in those 35 years. Then the average cost of equipment per use is $16,800 divided by 17,500 uses which is $0.96 per use plus the cost of exactly 4 minutes of time at $20.00 per hour is $1.34 for a total of $2.30 cost per use.

How do we know that it is used by 87% of ROM owners?
In 2006 we did a telephone survey of 454 ROM owners that had owned their ROMmachines at least one year and we asked them: "Are you using your ROM to the full advantage?" Based upon the type of responses we received, we marked them down as either users or liars. Liars were those people that gave us responses that were somewhat heasitant or a bit evasive like: "Yes I use it but maybe not as much as I should" or other such not positive enough answers. We marked as users only those who gave us believable positive responses such as: "Yes, we love the machine. Thank you for making it. It has improved our health a lot." or "Yes, both my wife and I use it every day. We do not like the 4 minutes torture but we love the results". Or some other very positive response. There were 13% of the responses that were not positive enough for us to count them as "users" but that left a very impressive 87% users and that is totally amazing as compared to the normal low 8% use of conventional exercise equipment.

How do we know that the ROM will last 35 years and 17,500 uses? Because 10% of ROM machines go to commercial uses the other 90% go to private homes. We have a number of ROMs that are in health clubs for over 20 years now and they have endured over 250,000 uses without the need of repairs or rebuilding. The only things they need are new rubber handgrips every 3 to 4 years and centrifugal brake pads every 4 to 6 years and they still are getting those for free from us even though they are way past their 10 year parts warranty. So we know that after one household has put 17,500 uses on a ROM that the machine can be used by another 10 generations of 50 year old couples if they keep the dust off the machine and wax the chrome parts to keep them from rusting.

The best part is that people actually use the ROM
Owners of ROMmachines actually use it because it requires only 4 minutes per day. Most people brush their teeth because it takes only a couple of minutes. If you would tell people that brushing teeth requires 30 minutes you would get less than 2% of the people brushing their teeth any longer. And that is the true problem with exercise. People do not exercise because it takes too long. But they are using their ROMmachines because it requires only exactly 4 minutes per day, close to what it takes to brush your teeth and that is a lot easier to find the discipline for.

How long will the ROM machine last?
It has lasted now for over 20 years in a few health clubs that received the first ROM machines in 1990 and they have endured over 250,000 uses so far and they are still going strong and are not yet in need of repair or overhaul. The only things commercially used ROMs need are new rubber hand grips every 3 to 4 years and centrifugal brake linings every 4 to 6 years. 

The 90% of machines that go to private homes have never even needed hand grips or brake linings. Only 10% of ROMmachines are used commercially at this time. We are starting to make sales to employee wellnes programs in the place of employment where employees can do the 4 minutes during working hours.

Things you buy and don’t use are very expensive. Things you buy and actually use and they take a lot of time to use and give very little results have the additional expense of time and have relatively little payback in the form of results for time invested.

Why is the purchase price so high?
The marketing cost is the biggest expense in the ROM. There IS NO MARKET FOR A 4 MINUTE EXERCISE MACHINE because anybody in their right mind just knows that a 4 minute workout could not possibly exist. They are absolutely wrong of course, but as long as they do not realize that they are wrong, they will not be interested in a 4 minute exercise machine. If we were to spend the same advertising money to advertise treadmills we would sell about 150 times as many treadmills as we sell ROM machines and those treadmills are absolutely useless for 92% of their owners. They are useless because the owners do not use them. 

           When finally some people are seriously interested in buying a ROM machine and they have no problem with the price, they would still want to make certain that they are not making a big mistake and they would like to have the advice from an “EXPERT” such as a personal trainer or a doctor. Not to anyone’s surprise these “EXPERTS” will immediately declare that there is no such thing as a 4 minute workout, because if there were such a thing they certainly would know about it, in fact the whole World would know about it. Such is the circle reasoning of most experts in all fields of knowledge. Experts kill a lot of ROM sales leading to low number of sales, leading to low volume manufacturing, leading to high manufacturing and marketing cost.

          The first 10.5 years of manufacturing and marketing the ROM we made nothing but losses. I had to subsidize the ROM project with money from our other family business ( in which we have built saunas for 46 years) and you have to be very stubborn to keep doing anything for 10.5 years, making no wages and having to subsidize it on top of that. Without my stubbornness there would not even be a ROM today. Since the beginning of the year 2001 we finally started making a profit because the referral sales keep growing every year with ever more ROM machines out in the field. It will still take a long time to recover all the money invested and to pay for the many years of making not even wages from the ROM project. Some “very smart” people have several solutions to the marketing problem of the ROM. They say that lowering the price of the ROM would make the ROM more affordable to many more people and create more sales which in turn would make the manufacturing cost lower. This is another example of circle reasoning. Read below.

Experts are the guardians of the status-quo because they do the following circle reasoning: “If this new insight were true, we would certainly know about it because we are experts, but because we do not know about this new insight, it must be false”. As an added strong argument, some of the “experts” may say that if you don’t want to take their word for it, they will gladly give you a list of other experts that will tell you the same thing.

Columbus had that same “expert” problem when he tried to raise money for his expedition “AROUND THE EARTH”. The problem was that at his time the Earth was still flat in the minds of many people and many “experts” alike. When Columbus tried to get his expedition funded at the various Royal Houses in Europe these kings might have said: “Columbus, I love to invest in your exciting idea, but let me first check with my Royal Cartographer to see what he thinks about a round Earth. The expert answer was predictable: “King, save your money. There is no round Earth. If there were such a thing I would know about it and if you do not want to believe me I can give you a whole list of other map makers who will tell you the same thing”. It took Columbus 12 years until he finally found the young and inexperienced royal couple of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain who were willing to throw all caution to the wind by not listening to their court cartographers. They took a leap of faith and were willing to give it a shot. The rest is history. With the ROM it is the same way. People have to give it a shot in the form of renting it for 30 days to try it out. The 30 day rental applies 100% to the purchase and 97% of people that rent the ROM purchase it. 

If there is a ready market for a particular product then lowering of the purchase price will result in the extra number of sales that will actually increase the net profit. If there is no ready market for a product then lowering the price will not results in enough additional sales to improve net profits. Even with accepted products like for example a 747 Boeing airplane dropping the selling price by 50% would not result in the 10 times as many sales needed to make the net profit come to the same as it is currently. If you have additional questions or comments, please email me at 

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The ROM is the least expensive exercise you can do.
The results of the exactly 4 minutes of exercise per day on the ROM generally exceed those of 45 minutes muscle circuit training, PLUS 25 to 45 minutes cardio training PLUS 15 to 20 minutes stretching exercises. All in the same 4 minutes. It is exactly 4 minutes per day, never more and that sounds to most people TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. But it is totally true for over 20 years now since 1990 and it is true for the over 5300 owners of our ROMmachines. ROM stands for "Range Of Motion".

The main reasons why the ROM machine is the least expensive on a per use basis is because 87% of the people that own a ROM actually use it 5 to 6 times per week and they are on a very effective exercise program for the rest of their life. And that is like having a health insurance policy that actually increases and maintains health and prevents illness. Not an illness insurance policy that does nothing for prevention of illness and does a lousy job curing illness.

You are the only one who can prevent illness by practicing prevention. Our ROM360 will enable you to do that in EXACTLY 4 minutes per day. Rent a ROM360 for 30 days in your home to see for yourself why over 97% of people that rent the ROM360 will buy it at the end of the 30 days. Order a rental today before you procrastinate again. Call (818) 787-6460 or email or order it online:

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